Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love this picture because it looks like we have a fillion kids together, when really we are just borrowing them! They are our cutie-face nieces and nephews! Tim and I don't have kids yet, but we are working on it! Apparently it's not normal to be married 5 years without kids! Who knew?

Here I am at Austin Kade Academy! I started in April and hope to be finished in March. I have had so many incredible experiences because of Austin Kade, like meeting the members of Shear Genius at NAHA, getting taught by Phillip Wilson, and designing clothes for Allison Price's NAHA photo shoot! LOVE IT!
Here I am at NAHA with Nicholas French, and my good friend Annie Brown (soon to be Cooper)

So I am putting together some dresses for Allison's photo shoot, and I thought I would post them, so everyone tell me what you think! The shoot is on Thursday and I need some moral support! I seriously want to throw-up just looking at my sewing machine, and I have 3 more to make! Wish me luck!