Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Girls are back in town!

Ok, I know that's probably the dumbest title I could come up with, but my brain hurts so that's all I've got in me right now. My mom threw me a shower in good ole Lewiston, and I was amazed at all the support from my friends and Tim's family! I had girls drive from Wyoming, Idaho, Salt Lake, Draper, Orem and Price! Even Logan is 20 mins. away, so I soooo much appreciated the support! I had the best time and I hope they had fun too! This is just a sampling of the cute girls that came! I felt super blessed to have such awesome friends!

I love my Timmy-poo!

It was Tim's birthday A WHILE ago, but I have been the worst at posting lately, so here it is! He offically turned mmm-mm! It was so funny because it was just me and him, so I felt pretty silly singing "Happy Birthday" by myself, but I also felt like that was a critical part of the whole birthday celebration deal. Anyhoo, I love him tons, and am so happy he's mine!