Thursday, May 28, 2009

Che-Che + Golf = Good Times

Tim and I took Chelsea to the driving range and taught her how to hit. She did really well! Tim has a r7 CGB Max TaylorMade driver, and was killing them! I was super jealous and he knows it, so I am expecting one the next time a holiday rolls around. We had more fun in the parking lot than we did at driving range, as the pictures show!

Backtracking A Little

I know this is going backward in my life a little bit, but I just got the pictures, so here it is!
Debbie, my other mother, drove all the way up from Price on my last day of school to surprise me. They had to trick me by telling me I was over-booked and that they needed to squeeze another appointment in, so when I went to "discuss" the situation with the receptionist Debbie was there with flowers! These are the emotions I went through in 2.5 seconds: frustration, anger, disbelief, confusion, happiness, thankfulness, followed by hugs and tears! There are also pictures with Allison and me (the hot blonde) and Jana and me (the hot brunette).