Saturday, October 10, 2009

OH MY! There IS something in there!

That literally was my exact thought after seeing those sonogram pics! I knew I was pregnant, but didn't at the same time! Super crazy! Those were taken at 9 weeks and I am offically 11 weeks now! I wanted to wait until I knew what it was to post, but I just couldn't resist!

Just to recap:
Up until recently I have been super sick! All the sterotypes apply to me. I have been living off of cereal, protien shakes, crackers and jello. Every time an Olive Garden commercial came on I would dry-heave! Ha! It's all funny to me now, because I've been feeling a lot better. I only get sick at night now! Thank goodness!

For the first couple of months Tim was sure I was having triplets. Ya, real supportive huh (not to mention sensitive). Why you ask? Because after month 2 my stomach started jutting out! I have no idea why and I'm super self-conscience about it! Luckily there was only one, but that still doesn't solve the "why am I so huge" issue. Oh Well!

They only way to ease my "sickness" is if I was rocking or shaking. I looked like I was going through withdrawlas or something. So, we bought a rocker-recliner which looks ridiculous in our smallish living room that already houses 2 full size couches, a book shelf and T.V. with surround-sound speakers. But again, Oh well!

To end my ramblings I want to give a shout out to my mommy and daddy! My mom calls on a regular basis to make sure I'm ok, and she is coming to take me back to Cache Valley for a couple of days soon! I'm really excited! And now to my sweet, sweet dad! He was so excited when he found out I was pregnant he danced in the kitchen! He is always telling me what a blessing this is, and looses sleep thinking about how fun it's going to be to play with his grandkids! It makes me cry! I have had amazing support on both sides! I am very lucky and very blessed!