Monday, July 19, 2010

Post Script

Denise! I just got the spoons! Tell you mother thank you so much! That was so cute of her, and as you can're not the only one who would like to see more pics! Ha! Hopefully I can get some up this weekend!


Ok, so I know it's been years since I have posted but life just won't allow it!! We have had some tough weekends with Isla-pants and her tiny tummy which equals all three of us crying, and then our laptop broke! Our desktop is in the basement so I have to schedule time to come down here, and because we traded printers with family I have NO WAY to import pictures. So, all the cute pictures I have taken of Isla's chunky legs and cute face will have to wait until I find a solution. Also...we did have Isla blessed at then end of July and didn't get any pictures taken with our camera, so if anyone who was there wants to share, please feel free. Maybe I can update my blog when I am in Logan next week! Until then, so sorry but I am trying!