Thursday, April 15, 2010

17 days and counting!!

Yep, 17 more days until my due date! I'm kind of hoping she comes on May 4th, because it's my Grandma's birthday and she died on my sister's birthday, so I think it would be amazing to have new life on her birthday! Does that make sense? Anyhoo, to give a quick update: We still have no name picked out, my carseat should get here soon (whoops!) as soon as I clean out the closet in the nursery I will have pictures (YEA) and the bathroom is...well...coming along. I was in the Temple yesterday and realized that Adam probably delivered Eve's babies in the bushes, so who am I to complain? Ha! OH, and Tim was beyond wonderful to me yesterday! He made a soak for my feet, then rubbed them then told me he hoped our baby would be as beautiful as ME!! WHAT? Ok, I was a puddle! I guess I still love him! Ha!