Monday, February 23, 2009

9 Pet Peeves, because Megan is making me...

1. When you find really cool music, and you tell your friends all about it, and they don't really care, but then a week later they have purchased the CD, and are telling YOU all about it, like you never told them in the first place!

2. When people ask me why I don't have any kids.

3. The fact that it costs $120 to go to the movies, and I haven't seen a movie worth the money since Lord of the Rings, or the "Bourne" series.

4. Daytime Soaps

5. Insincerity

6. Clutter, and a messy house

7. I am doing a retraction on "the phone" because Tim thought it sounded too abrasive, and he's probably right! I am going to say when the bottom of your pants gets wet from the snowy slush, or rain instead. Also, even numbers. I only like odd's. I golf with all odd irons, and I only bought the odd numbered seasons of King of Queens. Tim brought this to my realization about a year ago.

8. I associate everything with food! I honestly know how Homer Simpson feels! There is a girl at my school who works at Winger's and every time I see her I find myself saying "Mmmmm sticky fingers" What? The other day we lifted pravana out of a girls hair, and it looked like fruity marshmallows, and for the rest of the day I wanted fruity marshmallows!

9. Grammer. You didn't "Seen someone doing something" and "Thems" isn't even a word! I am no grammatical genius, but I notice these things. I even found a type-0 in the last Twilight book.

Giant-sized icicle!

One day when I was outside, I found a leaf shaped like a heart. I thought it was pretty cool, but didn't take a picture or pick it up and the next day it was gone! So, when I spotted this giant icicle growing off my roof I thought I would seize the moment and take a picture. (This is exactly the reason why I don't post very often!)

I ran away!

I had a stressful week, so instead of deal with my problems, I did what I do best- I ran away! I went to Logan to hang out with Chelsea. Then I went out to eat with my parents at Callaway's with Chelsea and her boyfriend Colby. We had a good time. I miss living in Logan sometimes. It's fun to be able to see your family (or not) whenever you want. I definately think the restaurants are better there too. All we have are chains, and they get old real fast! Here are some pictures that go along with my tiny adventure across the border. Ha!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Valentine-tree

I found a way to decorate for Valentine's Day, ease the pain of getting rid of my Christmas tree, and save money...A Valentine Tree!!!! This is probably not new to any of you, but I was proud of myself, because I am not that crafty. I made the hearts from fabric I had laying around, and shoved some pink and red netting here and there, and recylced some cute boxes I had gotten a couple of holiday's ago, for the presents!

Morgan Pinchy-Pants

Chelsea got Morgan a lobster costume and brought it up when she came to see me last week. The first time we put it on with the hood she didn't know what to do, so she just walked backward every where she went. It was hilarious!!! Here are some pictures of the fun times we had, you can tell she had a blast too!

Blonde or Brunette?

I was helping Annie put in some extensions, and decided to try out the extension hair myself. I don't know, it's starting to grow on me...