Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why am I so lame?

It has come to my attention as of late, that I'm stilll pretty selfish, a perfectionist and painfully aware of my faults and insecurities...all with no intention of changing! Why you ask? I'm just too tired! Ha! No, I'm trying... just moving very slowly as to not jolt the rotation of the Earth (because it does revolve around me and my problems) so, instead of complain right now, I'm just going to list some things I'm grateful for:
1.) Lisa Cardon
2.) Lisa Cardon recommending I read Jane Eyre (small ha)
3.) Isla's baby toes
4.) My washer and dryer
5.) This one should really be at the top...Heavenly Father forgiving me and then forgiving me again, and still loving me!
6.) Tim forgiving me and then forgiving me again and still loving me? Ya, pretty sure still loving me.
7.) Ben wanting to go back to school thus re-igniting Tim's little fire to definitely go back to school too. I'm ready!