Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July Week and Other Sundry Summer Endeavors

Isla watching the parade. She kept saying "more candy!???!!" She could not believe how much candy was thrown at her feet!

They had a parade of tractors, and this little buckaroo couldn't keep awake! So cute!

Isla on the swing Grandpa built for her.  Her Grandpa just adores her and the feeling is mutual! They love to play and pet the horses. Grammy does a good job of keeping her safe, and hydrated.  She tends to worry, but I always know Isla is in safe hands with her Grammy!

I just threw this in because it's adorable. 
 Here come the horses.  Check out the lighting in this pic! I did no photo-shopping! This is what glorious Lewiston always looks like. {Sigh}

 AND to finish us off.........THE HEAT! Wowooo. I never been so cold as I was in Idaho, but I've never been so HOT as I am in Salt Lake, so we got the pool out and went swimming.  I saved your eyes from me in a swimsuit. Besides, all you could see is a bright light from the reflection off my white legs.  I swear my farmers tan got darker, and my whiteness stayed the same. Haha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Picture Overload Part 2: Cardon Family Reunion

 We took a quick hike up Logan Canyon.
 I feel like Isla has a safari outfit on! Haha
 Putting on the sunscreen! We kept telling Coen he his shirt said "Tickle me" on it instead of "I fight bad guys"
 Tim updating Isla on nature what-nots
 Isla and I... She was super ornery by then, but we decided to take her home with us anyway! :)
 Tim's photography skills...