Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progress in one area...and not so much in another

So I promised updated photos of the bathroom, so here they are! We got the vanity, sink and floors in and the beautiful tile job you see was done by yours truly!! It was awkward sitting in the tub tiling, so I'm gonna let Tim finish the job! Ha! Now on to the area with no progress... my baby! She is refusing to come! I am not dialated or even close to progressing toward labor as of 9:00 AM this morning! Really? Oh well, I did pray she wouldn't come early so I'm being blessed. I'm really not uncomfortable either! Sure my feet are swollen (note the cankle above) and I can't sleep, but other than that I'm fine! I'm definitely NOT desperate for her to come. I can be patient! I'll work on posting pics of the nursery next as soon as I get things together! YEA!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

17 days and counting!!

Yep, 17 more days until my due date! I'm kind of hoping she comes on May 4th, because it's my Grandma's birthday and she died on my sister's birthday, so I think it would be amazing to have new life on her birthday! Does that make sense? Anyhoo, to give a quick update: We still have no name picked out, my carseat should get here soon (whoops!) as soon as I clean out the closet in the nursery I will have pictures (YEA) and the bathroom is...well...coming along. I was in the Temple yesterday and realized that Adam probably delivered Eve's babies in the bushes, so who am I to complain? Ha! OH, and Tim was beyond wonderful to me yesterday! He made a soak for my feet, then rubbed them then told me he hoped our baby would be as beautiful as ME!! WHAT? Ok, I was a puddle! I guess I still love him! Ha!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Denial? and One Giant Mess!!

Denial comes first. I have been telling everyone that I am 4 weeks away to my due date, and really I'm 3. Why would I not know that, except that I think I'm in denial! Next my bathroom got torn apart, and so now the bathroom stuff is in my living room and I have a new tub, but no shower, or sink! Tim and Scott the plumber redid all the plumbing and ran into a billion problems (as usual) and we had no water for 2 days, and a huge mess and a layer of dust over EVERYTHING! Not what a pregnant women who is excepting a baby soon wants to deal with. I cried yesterday and prayed and prayed that baby won't come early! The bathroom won't be done for at least another week. My hormones are making it way worse than it is I'm sure! Ha! Tim keeps apologizing and apologizing. What do you do? My mom is coming in a couple of days to help me clean (THANKGOODNESS) and make some freezer meals! Sorry for the complaining! I hate complainers but I guess I just needed to vent! Things are definitely looking up and it will be nice to have a new bathroom and we found an awesome can of Comet under the cast iron tub! Also, I wanted to sent a shout out to the Dimick's for passing the "How committed are you to our friendship?" test!