Monday, August 3, 2009

Ode to Morgan

Morgan Kitty

So my life has slowly gotten more and more boring, so to spice it up I give you Morgan-Kitty! She seriously is like having a child sometimes! She is always getting into trouble, ruining things, throwing up on the carpet right before I have to go somewhere, and biting bite too! Sometimes I wonder why I love her! I guess it's cause she is covered in soft fur and has a cutie-face! I hope you enjoyed the random pictures of her.

Fun Facts:
She makes a noise similar to a goat when she's excited
Her father was a raccoon (we assume)
She loves loves tuna, hates almost anything else
She alway lays on something new we bring home, shirts, shoes, bags etc
She has mean eyes about 70% of the time
She plays fetch with pony tail holders
She puts all her play toys in her water dish
She hides behind doors and when we walk by she bites our ankles
She only answers to "Kiki"
We blame everything on her, the heat, weird smells, dishes in the sink, etc. ha!