Monday, March 30, 2009

The Grossest Things Ever!

I exeperienced one of these TODAY, and it inspired me to write this list. These are the grossest things I have personally experienced:
1. Drinking hot chocolate with a layer of skin
2. Getting on a weight machine after an old man, only to find it warm and sweaty
3. Finding 2 month old cheesy broccoli soup in the back of the fridge
4. Walking in a dark room and stepping in cat puke
5. Giving someone a pedicure whose nails are 4" long, and skin is flaking off in my hands
*If you feel inspired, please let me know your grossest things ever* (I'm not going to tag anyone)

Che Che

Chelsea (my "little" sister) came to visit me last Friday. She pretty much uses me for my hair skills! NAH! I am happy to do it! I am glad she trusts me! Here she is with Kylee, Annie, Sophie (puppy). Soph is the cuttest dang thing I have ever seen! I am not a fan of little dogs, but I just want to squeeze her everytime I see her! She is sooo playful and snuggly!

Che Che

This is the end result! She loved it, thank goodness! I would have cried if I would have messed up her beautiful long locks! Everyone wanted to touch her hair, it was pretty funny.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birfday Ashley-Pants!

It's my sis-in-law Ashley's B-day today! I hope you have the bestest day of your life! I am so thankful for you. You make me laugh so hard, you are so smart and witty and the finest mama I know! Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Very long and PATHETIC!! (Oh, but not my mom, just this post! Hehehe)

My mom came to visit me and take me out to eat before my root canal today after I complained to her all week. I know I am sounding very dramatic, but I had the worst tooth ache of my life, and woke up on Sunday with a swollen face. I went to the dentist and found out I needed a root canal...No problem! Wait! What? I have to wait a week to get it? And I need another crown? And if you readers remember I JUST GOT A CROWN! This is where I cried. I am such a baby! I went on pain killers and antibiotics (and had mild complications that only Annie and some close friends are allowed to know about). Also, the pain killers made me sick, and I would wake up in the night in pain and have to take more medicine, and then I couldn't get up to go to school! Hahahah...I know, how pathetic! The last couple of days were pretty much pain free because the antibiotics ate away some of the infection. I was sooooo happy to get the root canal, but I kind of have a funny/discusting story about it. So they start drilling up to my nose, and I smell somthing awful! I am pretty sure my dentist is farting! I was sooo grossed out, but after about 15 mins. of it not going away, I realized it was me!!! My infection they were draining smelled awful! Then I got super embarrassed, and a little nauseous. Mind you I even had nitrous and could smell it through my mask! I was just thankful that there are people on this earth that will put up with crap like that! On a good note, while my mom was here I gave her a deep facial at school for her Birthday (which is tomorrow). I loved it soooo much. I was so happy to do something relaxing for her because she helps me so much. She is such a wonderful mama! (We call her Nana now though, because of her grandkitten Morgan). We love you Nana!

Yea! My tooth is better!

After a rough little week I am all better! I truly am giving my biggest smile! Thank you mom for coming to visit me! I hope you had a good day, and I hope you have the bestest birthday ever!

Hair show!!

Annie, Challis, Randi and I went to Boise to a hair show over the weekend. We had tons of fun filling our brains with new cutting techniques and inspiration. The first picture is Annie admitting to us that she has never driven outside of Rexberg before...kinda scary but we made it! Above that is what I was eating at midnight at Cheesecake Factory- A goblet of strawberries with chocolate sauce and my own little bowl of whipping cream! Yum! I have been on pain killers all week for the infection in my face, but had almost no pain while I was on the trip! What a blessing that those girls didn't have to put up with the "sleepy-high" version of Stacey!!

More Pictures of the hair show. We went to PureOlogy, Redken, and Sexy hair.

Here we are watching the Redken class. Funny side note: Challis and I had to share beds with Randi and Annie who are both newlyweds, which equal Randi reaching and yelling for Coleman in the night and Annie stroking my face! Kinda weird.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

He's here, he's here!

Ashley Rahlf had her baby boy today! They named him William Eisenhauer Rahlf. He is happy and healthy, and we are sooo excited for them. Also, it's Nonie's Birthday tomorrow!!! She is in Post Falls with Ashley and the new baby, so I bet she is going to have the best birthday ever! We love you Mommy Cardon!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Timmy-Poo, This one's for you! (because it's your birthday!)

Tim's birthday is actually tomorrow, but I already know I won't have time to post anything, so here it is today! To avoid having Tim make farting noises while he reads this, I am going to be as insincere as possible! He's getting very old, he's very hairy, and I swear his head is still growing! No, I can't! I have to be mushy! Tim- You truly are the sweetest, most tender hearted man I have ever met. You are so smart, and industrious, and hilliaious! The second I saw you in your red western shirt, with long brown curls flowing out of your camo NAPA hat, I new I wanted you! The best part was you wanted me too! I love you forever! Happy Birthday Nanerpus!

You want me to do what?

So, I went to the dentist, because I had a horrible tooth ache, long story short I needed a crown. Never had a crown! Let me tell you what I do have: A chipped front tooth from Chelsea hitting me in the face with a Ken doll, a bridge from my tooth that had to be pulled because the root got severed during my wisdom teeth getting pulled out, and a gum graft. For those of you who aren't familiar with that, it is when they cut gum from the roof of your mouth and sew it on to where your gums are receeding. I guess it's true that you don't remember pain, because after the novicane wore off I swear the pain was greater than any of the above procedures! It truly felt like I was being jabbed again and again with an icepick! So, after 2 hydro's, 6 Ibuprofen's, 4 acetaminophen's, and an icepack the pain subsided! And guess what was suggested next! A tooth implant to replace my bridge. That basically consists of them drilling a screw into my jawbone and attaching a tooth to the end of it! Ya, sign me up for that too please! To get a visual, click here: Xray_two_cylinders.jpg

I got kicked out!

*Warning* In the following I sound whiny and pathetic, but....
If anyone talks to Melanie Carlsen (or if you happen to check my blog yourself Mel) I got kicked out! Please add me to your invite list Mel!