Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh Che-Che, What would I Do Without You?

I brought Chelsea up to IF, to meed Phillip Wilson, #1 hairstylist in the world! We had a good time rocking out in the car too. The next day we went to Lava Hot Springs which has gotten a thousand times cooler since I went last! They have these crazy 60 ft. slides that go across the road! Chelsea made me go on it, and I really almost turned around halfway up! Why am I so afraid of heights? While waiting on a 3ft. bridge across the road that was 60 ft. up, this kid says, "I'm not afraid of shooting off the side, I'm afraid of this bridge falling!" Me too kid, me too! Needless to say it was way fun, but Chelsea demanded that she teach me how to back float, which I of course already knew how to do! Then she picked me up and twirled me around in the water, made me ride on her back, and we took turns launching each other out of the water! What? Am I three? She needs nieces and nephews worse than I thought! I was laughing so hard I almost peed in the pool twice, which would have just dissolved in the chlorine! AHHH chlorine! It's like magic!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cardon Family Reunion

Turns out I have no pictures because I was having too much fun! I will tell a funny story though. I was with my other mother Debbie and we were driving up to Grandma Cardon's house and Tim and his dad were out in the garden planting iris. They were both in work shirts, overalls and knee-high rubber boots! Tim only had one strap hooked on his to make the overalls longer. I was laughing so hard! I tried to take a picture, but after the last Kohl's picture I posted he bolted in the house and locked himself in the bathroom, so sorry world! He is being selfish I know! You missed out on at least 10 mins. of laughter!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Road Trip with the Parents!

So, I went down with my parents to see Travis in Roosevelt. It was quite the adventure! Let me preface this story with telling you that my dad is obsessed with trains, and my mom is the worst back seat driver I have ever seen (and she drives with both feet, so who's she to say?) I know she is just trying to be helpful and watch out for our safety, so it's ok.

Well, it's about a four hour drive, and the whole way my mom would announce every single road side she ever saw, and insisted that my dad drive the truck speed. Meanwhile my dad is driving, controlling the ipod, and honking and waving at all the trains he sees! It was hilarious!
We stopped at this place called "Dairy Keen" to get hamburger's and ride the train. I was laughing so hard I had a hard time taking the picture of my dad! He is so easy-going, I love it! I decided to be brave and ride the bucking train. The sign warns of danger, but it doesn't tell you that if you weigh 3X's the suggested weight it doesn't buck! Whoops! I hope I didn't break it!

The Vernal Temple

This is the cutest temple I have ever seen. I'm sure you all know it used to be the old tabernacle, which gives it such an inviting, quaint look. We didn't have time to go through, but I am making it a goal to go through it sometime!

Happy B-day Travie-Pants!!

Travis' Birthday is actually on June 16th, but we celebrated early! Here is the handsome (single) guy blowing out his candles. He is such a good-hearted guy, and has accomplished tons in the just the last couple of years. He has a great job, his own house, and he is super grounded. I am very proud of who he has become. (Especially since we hated each other most of our lives! Ha!)
The next day we went golfing of course! My mom drove the golf cart and told us all how amazing we were! It was a crazy course, but tons-0-fun!

Ride Home Back to Good Ole Idaho

I swear almost every time I go from Preston to Downey on that lonely stretch of road it is so beautiful I want to cry! It had been raining all day, and I was in the truck with the windows rolled down enjoying the smell, & the green rolling hills, and this was my view! I wanted to just dig a foundation across the street and stay there forever!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favorite Smells...why? Just 'Cause!

Lumber yards
Russian Olive Trees after the rain
The way my clothes smell when I leave my parents house
The bathroom after someone takes a shower
Jergen's lotion
Clothes just out of the dryer
Food cooking on the grill
gasoline- sorry, but it's true
Fresh cut pine trees during Christmas

I'm sure I'm missing some, but these are the ones I thought of while taking a road trip with my mom and dad, which I will post shortly!

Look Who I Found!

I saw this girl wandering around Idaho Falls, and thought hmmm...she look strangely familiar. Guess who it was? Becca! Naw, she was in Rexburg for business and stopped by to see me. We went to a great little Mexican Restaurant- Puerta Vallarta and listened to the cooks sing spanish pop-songs. It was great!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

For your information Megan Buck...

This is what I was wearing! So, um ya pretty much I was wearing a fanny pack! Hehehe!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tim and Stacey's High Adventure Week

Tim took me down around Price for my gradutation present. We had the best time ever, as the following posts will explain. It includes, guns, flash floods, & thunderstorms! Who could ask for more? We shot Tim's 357 behind a hill across from his house. I am NOT used to a handgun! We shot 38 specials, so it didn't kick hardly at all, but I could not hit a target to save my life! I definately need more practice.

Goblin Valley

This is where our adventure began. We played around the "goblins" for a while. They are crazy! I climbed all over them, touched almost every single one, and played in the mud. It felt like potter's clay! I am a very tactile person, so... I Loved It!

Wild Horse Canyon

So, I had no idea this was a slot canyon! Coolest thing ever! Some drawbacks though: if you are claustrophoic, larger-sized, and don't like wading through muddy water, probably not for you! Guess what! I am 3 0f 3! Nah, I was just claustrophic because there were flash floods all week, and you could still see the water line (well above my head) and it was stormy and rainy when we went. I asked Tim what would happen if you got caught in a flash flood there- turns out you would die. Ok! Well, when the hikers that we ahead of us turned around because they were worried about a flash flood, I pretty much ran the rest of the way back! Here are the pictures, I want to go back soooo bad (when the weather is better!)

What a Night!!

So Goblin Valley was full, so we had to find somewhere else to camp. We went down this random road, and found a site kind of by the San Rafael reef. It was super hot, so we set up under one of the only trees out there. After we ate went & explored the reef. It was so beautiful! Because of all the rain there were pools of water everywhere! It was cool to stumble upon these natural wonders by just exploring! The picture is Tim near the pools, and a desert flower. Long story short- that night we got caught in an intense thunderstorm and had to throw our tent in the back of the truck and get out. We looked back when we got to the main road and the most severe lightening bolt hit where we were! The thunder shook the truck. I just thanked Heavenly Father we got out, or I would have lost it!

9 Mile Canyon

Here we are in 9-mile looking at the petri glyph's. They were amazing! I couldn't help but trace the lines the people made thousands of years ago! I felt connected to them some how. I wish I knew what the pictures meant, but we made up stories instead! There was a picture of an animal with tons of legs, and Tim was sure it meant that it was lightening fast! It was fun! I posted some close-up photos so you can see how they did it.

Helper Coal Mine Museum

So we visited the museum, and it was awesome! It has a ton of history on the Italian immigrants, and apparently my aunt Denise's grandma was a nurse there! I would definitely recommend this if you are ever traveling through! Of course the pictures I took are all salon-related! Here are old clippers you had to squeeze, and an electric permanent waving machine! I was in awe the whole time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun down by the river (minus the van)

Here are more pic's of Chelsea, Tim and I down by the falls. Just thought I would share!