Friday, March 6, 2009

Timmy-Poo, This one's for you! (because it's your birthday!)

Tim's birthday is actually tomorrow, but I already know I won't have time to post anything, so here it is today! To avoid having Tim make farting noises while he reads this, I am going to be as insincere as possible! He's getting very old, he's very hairy, and I swear his head is still growing! No, I can't! I have to be mushy! Tim- You truly are the sweetest, most tender hearted man I have ever met. You are so smart, and industrious, and hilliaious! The second I saw you in your red western shirt, with long brown curls flowing out of your camo NAPA hat, I new I wanted you! The best part was you wanted me too! I love you forever! Happy Birthday Nanerpus!

You want me to do what?

So, I went to the dentist, because I had a horrible tooth ache, long story short I needed a crown. Never had a crown! Let me tell you what I do have: A chipped front tooth from Chelsea hitting me in the face with a Ken doll, a bridge from my tooth that had to be pulled because the root got severed during my wisdom teeth getting pulled out, and a gum graft. For those of you who aren't familiar with that, it is when they cut gum from the roof of your mouth and sew it on to where your gums are receeding. I guess it's true that you don't remember pain, because after the novicane wore off I swear the pain was greater than any of the above procedures! It truly felt like I was being jabbed again and again with an icepick! So, after 2 hydro's, 6 Ibuprofen's, 4 acetaminophen's, and an icepack the pain subsided! And guess what was suggested next! A tooth implant to replace my bridge. That basically consists of them drilling a screw into my jawbone and attaching a tooth to the end of it! Ya, sign me up for that too please! To get a visual, click here: Xray_two_cylinders.jpg

I got kicked out!

*Warning* In the following I sound whiny and pathetic, but....
If anyone talks to Melanie Carlsen (or if you happen to check my blog yourself Mel) I got kicked out! Please add me to your invite list Mel!