Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progress in one area...and not so much in another

So I promised updated photos of the bathroom, so here they are! We got the vanity, sink and floors in and the beautiful tile job you see was done by yours truly!! It was awkward sitting in the tub tiling, so I'm gonna let Tim finish the job! Ha! Now on to the area with no progress... my baby! She is refusing to come! I am not dialated or even close to progressing toward labor as of 9:00 AM this morning! Really? Oh well, I did pray she wouldn't come early so I'm being blessed. I'm really not uncomfortable either! Sure my feet are swollen (note the cankle above) and I can't sleep, but other than that I'm fine! I'm definitely NOT desperate for her to come. I can be patient! I'll work on posting pics of the nursery next as soon as I get things together! YEA!