Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Dillon Hansen and my beautiful sister, Chelsea got married last May! They are so cute and are the male/female versions of themselves! Haha! I know I already posted about them, but wanted to link all of this together! 
 This is a pic of my parents at my brother, Travis and his new wife Valerie's wedding, which was 6 months later in November! My parents had a crazy fun year, with the birth of their first grandson, and the rest of their kids getting married!
 Travis and Valerie! We love Valerie! She is so sweet.
 My side of the family...
 Cute Dillon and Chelsea at the wedding!
 Turns out Tim and I are still in love! :)

 Look how cute little Grant is! I love his face!
 Our Family picture!
I have had a hard time blogging, obviously, but I do want to try every now and then, because this truly is my journal. I have loved this last year.  It has been so hard, and yet so rewarding! I am so thankful for my wonderful family, and to know that I get them forever is the best gift a young mama could receive!