Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tim and Stacey's High Adventure Week

Tim took me down around Price for my gradutation present. We had the best time ever, as the following posts will explain. It includes, guns, flash floods, & thunderstorms! Who could ask for more? We shot Tim's 357 behind a hill across from his house. I am NOT used to a handgun! We shot 38 specials, so it didn't kick hardly at all, but I could not hit a target to save my life! I definately need more practice.

Goblin Valley

This is where our adventure began. We played around the "goblins" for a while. They are crazy! I climbed all over them, touched almost every single one, and played in the mud. It felt like potter's clay! I am a very tactile person, so... I Loved It!

Wild Horse Canyon

So, I had no idea this was a slot canyon! Coolest thing ever! Some drawbacks though: if you are claustrophoic, larger-sized, and don't like wading through muddy water, probably not for you! Guess what! I am 3 0f 3! Nah, I was just claustrophic because there were flash floods all week, and you could still see the water line (well above my head) and it was stormy and rainy when we went. I asked Tim what would happen if you got caught in a flash flood there- turns out you would die. Ok! Well, when the hikers that we ahead of us turned around because they were worried about a flash flood, I pretty much ran the rest of the way back! Here are the pictures, I want to go back soooo bad (when the weather is better!)

What a Night!!

So Goblin Valley was full, so we had to find somewhere else to camp. We went down this random road, and found a site kind of by the San Rafael reef. It was super hot, so we set up under one of the only trees out there. After we ate went & explored the reef. It was so beautiful! Because of all the rain there were pools of water everywhere! It was cool to stumble upon these natural wonders by just exploring! The picture is Tim near the pools, and a desert flower. Long story short- that night we got caught in an intense thunderstorm and had to throw our tent in the back of the truck and get out. We looked back when we got to the main road and the most severe lightening bolt hit where we were! The thunder shook the truck. I just thanked Heavenly Father we got out, or I would have lost it!

9 Mile Canyon

Here we are in 9-mile looking at the petri glyph's. They were amazing! I couldn't help but trace the lines the people made thousands of years ago! I felt connected to them some how. I wish I knew what the pictures meant, but we made up stories instead! There was a picture of an animal with tons of legs, and Tim was sure it meant that it was lightening fast! It was fun! I posted some close-up photos so you can see how they did it.

Helper Coal Mine Museum

So we visited the museum, and it was awesome! It has a ton of history on the Italian immigrants, and apparently my aunt Denise's grandma was a nurse there! I would definitely recommend this if you are ever traveling through! Of course the pictures I took are all salon-related! Here are old clippers you had to squeeze, and an electric permanent waving machine! I was in awe the whole time!