Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Blah Blah

                                      Isla played dress-up with Grace (cousin) they were best-friends
                                                                   Rainbow Gardens
So I don't really want to re-hash Thanksgiving because it was a super hard couple weeks full of Isla and I being sick and throwing up at Tim's parents in Price while he worked 14-18hrs a day at the Huntington Power plant because something blew-up.  Then we had crazy windstorm '11 in Bountiful and played the waiting game to go home because we didn't have power.  Then we got the ok, but really our house still didn't have power, so I called my Aunt and Uncle who just live in the Avenues by the Capitol if we could stay there.  They were so kind even though Karl was leaving to Mexico and Denise was expecting company the next day! So we packed up and headed to my parents and came home Sunday when the power FINALLY came on! Our house was freezing, yet all our food in the fridge was spoiled! Yuck. Anyhoo not my most favorite memories, but visitng family was great! I feel closer to Tim's mom and my sis-in-law now, and I had a great chat with my Aunt and Uncle, and my parents got to see Isla (they were missing her).  Another great thing, is that Isla has turned a new leaf.  I guess being packed around to 70 different places in two weeks made her a bit more easy-going! Ha! She has been really good since we got home...not as needy! Anyhoo, I met my mom and 2nd cousin at Rainbow Garden the other day and had a great time then Debbie (Tim's mom) watched Isla while we went to "round two" of the Forgotten Carols.  Best. Day. Ever.  I love the mundane now too.  No more craziness for me please.