Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolution...kind of

As I was talking to my sister-in-law Ashley over Christmas, I realized I am guilty of many things that I could change if I wanted to. For my New Year's Resolution I will take the first step, admittance, and then hopefully work toward changing these odd behaviors that will utimately make either Tim, or I more happy (or more co-habitable).

1. I use way too much soap. For everything. Including: clothes, dishes, wiping down surfaces, and shampoo and conditioner.
2. I am sure that there are spiders living in my clothes, and in my bed. Every night I check for spiders, and when I get anything out of my closet, I shake it furiously to get the spiders out. How many have I found? None.
3. I fall asleep the second I get into bed. Problem you ask? YES! I have only listened to the first couple verses of all the chapters in the Bible.
4. I iron everything. Pants, shirts, curtains, sheets and pillowcases. I used to iron my dish towels because they were linen, but I've switched to cotton, so I let those slide. Thank goodness the toliet paper comes neatly pressed!
5. I CANNOT relax until everything is in it's place! When Tim comes home and tosses his clothes around the living room, and puts his hat and belt in my arrangement of apples, I physically want to throw-up. I have chucked a pillow at his face for doing such erroneous things!

As you can see I have problems, and these are only the ones I have been made aware of as of late! I am sure that having children will solve many if not all of the above, so hopefully we can jump on that bandwagon in the near future! Good luck to all on your New Year's Resolutions!

OH! Timmy-poo!!

Look how cute this little ornament is! It's Tim as a cub scout! I couldn't resist posting this little number for all of you to enjoy!

Temple Square

For my Christmas present, Tim stopped off at Temple Square and let me see the lights before we headed the rest of the way down to Price. It still amazes me how beautiful it is! I will never get sick of seeing the lights on Temple Square! (I could go without getting attacked by sister missionaries though) HA!

Are we in an airplane?

The weather was so crazy driving down to Price for Christmas. I don't think this picture does it justice, but with the clouds laying so low it felt like we were flying above the clouds! That would have helped the 5 hour drive, that turned into more like 7 with the bad roads!

Holiday Hair at AKA

The day before we left for break, we let our creativity loose on Holiday Hair! Those who left their creations in all day got a special treat! The girl (Kim) with the christmas tree hair had no idea that the popcorn they strung on her was actually covered in white chocolate! You can't be picky when scrounging for decorations Kim! Ha!