Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is my cat Morgan. OH! How sweet! What a cute little cat! She could never do anything to upset me! Right?.......
NO! DEVIL CAT! You will understand why when you see the next photo!

No, that's not a magic trick, those are actual holes Morgan has ripped through my curtains! Ahhhh! She is de-clawed, but apparently you can't take out their teeth! I borrowed Kylee Evan's prom dress for the photo shoot, and hung it in my closet. Well, I went to get it out, and Morgan had chewed up the skirt! With some pursuation Kylee is still my friend, (Kylee was way cool about it) but Morgan isn't getting any "wet food" for a couple of months until I can re-pay Kylee!

Tim's mom Debbie grows her hair out and then donates it to Locks of Love! I got the honor of cutting it all off! It was a good excuse to spend the day together!

I got the comb stuck in her hair! Opps! Nah, I didn't I'm just crazy! I don't know what exactly I was thinking when this picture was being taken, but I thought it was entertaining none-the-less! Debbie felt like a rolladex with all those foils in her hair!

You can tell she is a little traumatized! Just kidding, she is very easy going, and trusted me the whole way! Thanks Mama Cardon!

How cute! You can see doll heads in the background, quick story about that! So my niece Hailey is queen of making up names, and one name she made up was "Jefferica" which is hillarious, so I named one of my doll heads that. Well Jefferica has a twin sister (another doll head) so Tim came up with "Japhernine" for her! What? You can tell those two are related!