Sunday, December 9, 2012

Updates galore!!

I seriously have been the WORST about blogging, and I promised I would be better, so bear with me, and enjoy the updates:
First, we all found out on Thanksgiving that I have a boy turkey in my oven! So fun! I can't look at this pic very long though, or I want to just eat cake...lots and lots of cake! 

Next, I bought baby boy clothes! Haha! I had to! I got scared because I have nothing for a boy! He's going to have to be cool in a pink bouncy chair though, just sayin'. 
So I seriously thought I had short hair in this pic, but I knew I wanted something shorter soooo..
 I cut it all off and then took a picture of me that looks like I haven't slept in days! I should probably put some make-up on the next time I take pictures too! Yikes. Seriously though, I am so so so tired all the time. I was never tired with Isla, but I also wasn't trying to take care of an "Isla", so maybe that has something to do with it. Plus my hips hurt so bad I feel like my legs are going to snap right off!  That and constantly having to potty makes it hard to sleep at night.

This is Isla and her grandpa...whom she adores.  They always have fun together, and I just happen to have some very lovely pictures of their adventures together. 

Isla went and saw the lights at Temple Square, and has asked to see the light every night since, so we went to Centerville to a little park with tons of lights and ran and ran.  Then we came to a cute little bakery with red noses and had cookies, doughnuts and hot cocoa.  What a fun night! 

Last: My bump! I feel just huge! This is a nice little pic of me with all black and being back-lit by the Christmas tree.  I felt like it shaved at least twenty pounds off of me! Haha. I'm definitely bigger this time around. Oh well! I can't believe I have 3 more months to go.  It seems so long, yet so so short! I bet I double in size by then too.  Don't worry, I'll post more pics if I do.  I think it's kinda fun to see how big I can get, I'll cry about it later! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Isla Buck-a-roo

I'm excited to blog about our latest experience with Isla, because boy has she been rough! We think she might be having nightmares at night, and having it be Halloween and all sure doesn't help! She was constantly waking up at night and never napping, and in turn was tired and ornery and threw tantrums every second. After many prayers, and changes to her bedtime and routine, we are making progress!! She only wakes up in the night once or twice a week, and she only skips a nap about the same! WHEW! I wasn't sure how I was going to get up with a toddler and a newborn! is the reward of being a parent: watching your child rock at riding a horse and being so brave at the wee age of 2!! I was shocked she got on, (she's afraid of everything) and then she grabbed hold of the horn and rode like she owned the place! Haha! It seriously made my insides sing.  It was so cute, and she was in HEAVEN!! 

 Tim cropped these pictures because he was in them and didn't want to be! What a stinker! I was so mad!

Tender mercy #2:  I had a super rough day a couple of weeks ago, with Isla not sleeping, and throwing tantrums, and I had to organize the Primary program and was in charge of sharing time all month, and Tim was working all weekend.  I had completely fallen apart that day.  Then my sister Chelsea called to check up  on me and gave me words of encouragement, and after fighting Isla to take a nap and just wanting to cry, Travis (my brother who lives in Roosevelt) showed up at my door! He took us out (I was seriously in sweatpants, with hair undone and no make-up) for ice cream and then we went up to the Bountiful Temple to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and amazing view. He saved me that day. What great siblings I have!!

 I just think this is funny: we have ANTS like crazy. We cannot get rid of them! It's an epidemic here in Bountiful.  Well there are always a few in the bathroom, and Morgan kitty will NOT come in the bathroom if she sees them crawling around on the floor! Haha! What a stinky kitty I have.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I think I'm ready...

I think I'm ready to let you all in on my "goings on" as of late.  I kind of have a nervous feeling in my stomach as I write, because I'm always worried about social mores and I might be crossing some lines in this post, but I'm taking that chance.
So I have been sick for the last 2 months, and it's because I'm pregnant. It's been a blessing that I've been sick, because I wasn't sick with my last one, and I lost it.  It's also been one of the largest challenges of my life.  I was sick with Isla, and threw-up and all that, but this has been a new level of sickness.  This has been 24hr nauseousness with round the clock dry-heaving, and evenings filled with throwing-up and loss of bladder control.  I have been on every holistic thing out there, and even the medications they prescribed me didn't work.  I have had more nights than I can count where I would just curl up on the floor and cry.  I watched the world go by out my window.  I never left the house, I had a hard time showering and getting dressed, and I had to have moms come help because I couldn't take care of Isla.  My mommy Cardon came at the tail-end of it when I was finally getting better during the day, because we were trying to keep it a secret to surprise them.  That was dumb.  We should have told her earlier, because I needed her earlier.
I am just now getting to where I can go to the store, and get ready.  I still get sick at night, but my quality of life is much better.  I had tons of guilt along the way that I've gained closure to. I wanted to document this, because it's OK to have these feelings, and I'll share what I have learned.
 a) I felt guilty for being such a bad mom. I couldn't take care of Isla like I wanted to. b) I wasn't excited about the baby, even though we prayed and tried and I wanted it so bad after I lost the last one. c) I felt like a big, huge, giant burden to everyone around me.
The two biggest lessons I've learned so far are:
1.) Someone is always going to have a trail that you are thankful you don't have.  I watched a show about a girl who went zip-lining and fell into a riverbed.  She cut her leg, and got a flesh-eating bacteria in it.  The result was she had to have both legs, and hands up to her elbows amputated. WOW! Was I ever thankful, that wasn't my trial! I can make it through mine, and it will end!
2.) Even if someones trial seems insignificant to you, it isn't to them! I been on both sides of this spectrum.  I've had people dismiss my suffering because I was "just pregnant".  I had a girl say to me, well my sister was sick like you except it lasted the whole nine months, and she had six kids! Really? She threw up everyday for 9months and never left the house and did that 6 times? I feel really small. I just wanted to cry.  Even though it seemed insignificant to her, it was a big deal to me.
I remember my sister telling me a concern of hers, and I almost laughed because it seemed so small to me.  How inconsiderate! It was a big deal to her.  If we want to help people, we need to sympathize with them! We're all in different places in our journey through life, and we're here to help each other out!!

If you are ever in a place in your life where you are suffering physically, you NEED to read "The Atonement Covers All Pain" by Kent F. Richards.  I had many many questions concerning faith and mercy while going through this trial, and he answers all of those questions in such a loving way, I just cried the whole way through it. Two of my favorite things (of many) in that talk were a quote from Orson F. Whitney, which read:
                             "No pain that we suffer, no trail that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude, and is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire."
AND, this little insight:
"Christ CHOSE to experience pains and afflictions in order to understand US. Perhaps we also need to experience the depths of mortality in order to understand HIM and our eternal purposes."
To all of us the Savior said: "Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot bear all things now; ye must grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth." and "Fear not, little children for you are mine."
What comfort those words gave me, and I was blessed with them on a Sunday evening after a huge mental breakdown. Turns out feeling like you have the flu every day for two months will literally make you go crazy! Haha!
I want to end with one more blessings:
TIM!! Tim and I have had our ups and downs as every couple does.  At one point I closed myself off to him emotionally.  I didn't know how to be vulnerable. You can't let love in unless you're willing to be vulnerable.  Through this trail Tim has come home to a wife who looked (and sometimes smelled) like "for hell-sakes" had to get me food, do dishes, play with Isla, put laundry away, clean Isla's poop out of the tub (hehe) wake up with her when she was sick, (because if I was up too long in the night I would vomit and not be able to sleep) go grocery shopping etc, etc. Poor guy was worn out. But for some dang reason he still loved me.  He still held me at night, talked me out of my depression EVERY single time I had a meltdown, and the sweetest thing of all, he thanked me for sacrificing myself so we could grow our family.  My love for Tim has grown to depths I've never felt before.
So, as the Fiction Family song goes (that I sang incessantly):
Tell me I'm no longer
Tell me I'm not crazy
Well maybe just a little bit
Maybe just a little bit crazy
But mostly prove me wrong.

I'm a little bit crazy, but that's OK, it keeps me humble. Haha. This post was a lot, and I know that. I apologize if I've said to much, but this is me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July Week and Other Sundry Summer Endeavors

Isla watching the parade. She kept saying "more candy!???!!" She could not believe how much candy was thrown at her feet!

They had a parade of tractors, and this little buckaroo couldn't keep awake! So cute!

Isla on the swing Grandpa built for her.  Her Grandpa just adores her and the feeling is mutual! They love to play and pet the horses. Grammy does a good job of keeping her safe, and hydrated.  She tends to worry, but I always know Isla is in safe hands with her Grammy!

I just threw this in because it's adorable. 
 Here come the horses.  Check out the lighting in this pic! I did no photo-shopping! This is what glorious Lewiston always looks like. {Sigh}

 AND to finish us off.........THE HEAT! Wowooo. I never been so cold as I was in Idaho, but I've never been so HOT as I am in Salt Lake, so we got the pool out and went swimming.  I saved your eyes from me in a swimsuit. Besides, all you could see is a bright light from the reflection off my white legs.  I swear my farmers tan got darker, and my whiteness stayed the same. Haha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Picture Overload Part 2: Cardon Family Reunion

 We took a quick hike up Logan Canyon.
 I feel like Isla has a safari outfit on! Haha
 Putting on the sunscreen! We kept telling Coen he his shirt said "Tickle me" on it instead of "I fight bad guys"
 Tim updating Isla on nature what-nots
 Isla and I... She was super ornery by then, but we decided to take her home with us anyway! :)
 Tim's photography skills...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Picture Overload Part 1: I.F. Zoo

So, my mom got someone to work for her on a random Wednesday, and so we drove to the I.F. Zoo!! I made a list of things I wanted to do there, like meet up with old friends, and eat specific things, but Isla got tired and ornery after the zoo, so we had to eat sushi in the car and drive all the way back home! Ha! Oh well, that trip was really meant for Isla, so I can't feel bad.  I'll have to come another time without her and do all the things I want to!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travy's B-day

So this is probably getting super old (me posting about birthday's all the time) but it's the only time we all get together, and I simply have nothing else to blog about! We did get some family pictures done while we were in Price, so hopefully I'll be posting those soon, but in the mean time, enjoy viewing my brother's b-day party pics!

 Travis, blowing out his candles
 Dillon and Chelsea (Che-Che)
 My dad, mom and Isla
Tim and I...hopefully our family pics turn out better than this one ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Total a good way

We went GOLFING!! WooHoo! I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon.  This was my first outing in a long time.  Travy-pants hit over 300 yds. and landed it right on the green.  We all swore at him and he had to buy us ice cream! :)

Logan River was so green and beautiful and there was tons-o-wildlife.
 Travis winding up, Tim and my dad shooting the breeze.

 My version of "ombre". I got super bored one day and mixed things up.  I ended up doing a bit more blonde on the ends. Anyhoo I'm finally with the times :)

This made me laugh...Tim was laying out our financial plan for the future i.e. retirement, to make sure we were on the same page and I was doodling. Haha I hope I die before him because I won't know what the heck is going on!