Monday, June 15, 2009

Road Trip with the Parents!

So, I went down with my parents to see Travis in Roosevelt. It was quite the adventure! Let me preface this story with telling you that my dad is obsessed with trains, and my mom is the worst back seat driver I have ever seen (and she drives with both feet, so who's she to say?) I know she is just trying to be helpful and watch out for our safety, so it's ok.

Well, it's about a four hour drive, and the whole way my mom would announce every single road side she ever saw, and insisted that my dad drive the truck speed. Meanwhile my dad is driving, controlling the ipod, and honking and waving at all the trains he sees! It was hilarious!
We stopped at this place called "Dairy Keen" to get hamburger's and ride the train. I was laughing so hard I had a hard time taking the picture of my dad! He is so easy-going, I love it! I decided to be brave and ride the bucking train. The sign warns of danger, but it doesn't tell you that if you weigh 3X's the suggested weight it doesn't buck! Whoops! I hope I didn't break it!

The Vernal Temple

This is the cutest temple I have ever seen. I'm sure you all know it used to be the old tabernacle, which gives it such an inviting, quaint look. We didn't have time to go through, but I am making it a goal to go through it sometime!

Happy B-day Travie-Pants!!

Travis' Birthday is actually on June 16th, but we celebrated early! Here is the handsome (single) guy blowing out his candles. He is such a good-hearted guy, and has accomplished tons in the just the last couple of years. He has a great job, his own house, and he is super grounded. I am very proud of who he has become. (Especially since we hated each other most of our lives! Ha!)
The next day we went golfing of course! My mom drove the golf cart and told us all how amazing we were! It was a crazy course, but tons-0-fun!

Ride Home Back to Good Ole Idaho

I swear almost every time I go from Preston to Downey on that lonely stretch of road it is so beautiful I want to cry! It had been raining all day, and I was in the truck with the windows rolled down enjoying the smell, & the green rolling hills, and this was my view! I wanted to just dig a foundation across the street and stay there forever!