Friday, October 30, 2009

Cake Wrecks!

Ok for those of you who don't know I am OBSESSED with cake. I love to make it, look at it, and of course eat it. On my death bed I want a white cake with white butter cream frosting from Babe's bakery so I can eat myself into a delightful comma. In fact I might do that tomorrow...nah, but any way I found this hilarious (and sometimes randy so watch out) blog about professional cakes gone awry. I posted some favorites but if you want the complete collection go to:

Ok, to start out if you want to be sarcastic what do you do? "Put it in parenthesis"

What the heck?

Ummm I don't know what these even are. Use your imagination.

More favorites

Crappily conjoined cupcake kitties

Mutant duck with Botox lips

This is supposed to say "Good Luck at CNU"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OH MY! There IS something in there!

That literally was my exact thought after seeing those sonogram pics! I knew I was pregnant, but didn't at the same time! Super crazy! Those were taken at 9 weeks and I am offically 11 weeks now! I wanted to wait until I knew what it was to post, but I just couldn't resist!

Just to recap:
Up until recently I have been super sick! All the sterotypes apply to me. I have been living off of cereal, protien shakes, crackers and jello. Every time an Olive Garden commercial came on I would dry-heave! Ha! It's all funny to me now, because I've been feeling a lot better. I only get sick at night now! Thank goodness!

For the first couple of months Tim was sure I was having triplets. Ya, real supportive huh (not to mention sensitive). Why you ask? Because after month 2 my stomach started jutting out! I have no idea why and I'm super self-conscience about it! Luckily there was only one, but that still doesn't solve the "why am I so huge" issue. Oh Well!

They only way to ease my "sickness" is if I was rocking or shaking. I looked like I was going through withdrawlas or something. So, we bought a rocker-recliner which looks ridiculous in our smallish living room that already houses 2 full size couches, a book shelf and T.V. with surround-sound speakers. But again, Oh well!

To end my ramblings I want to give a shout out to my mommy and daddy! My mom calls on a regular basis to make sure I'm ok, and she is coming to take me back to Cache Valley for a couple of days soon! I'm really excited! And now to my sweet, sweet dad! He was so excited when he found out I was pregnant he danced in the kitchen! He is always telling me what a blessing this is, and looses sleep thinking about how fun it's going to be to play with his grandkids! It makes me cry! I have had amazing support on both sides! I am very lucky and very blessed!