Sunday, March 8, 2009

He's here, he's here!

Ashley Rahlf had her baby boy today! They named him William Eisenhauer Rahlf. He is happy and healthy, and we are sooo excited for them. Also, it's Nonie's Birthday tomorrow!!! She is in Post Falls with Ashley and the new baby, so I bet she is going to have the best birthday ever! We love you Mommy Cardon!!


Benson's said...

I couldn't stop laughing about the Magic School Bus comment! You are so funny:) I miss ya how about you just move to SLC K??

Katy said...

So great to hear from you! When I clicked on your blog and saw your picture, your laugh immediately came into my head. Wish we could have lunch together again! Your blog was very entertaining: Love the extensions...he the "running away from stress"...I also do that often...Logan is a great retreat now...Love your pet peeves...very funny. Hope you are well and happy! Keep in touch!