Monday, June 22, 2009

Cardon Family Reunion

Turns out I have no pictures because I was having too much fun! I will tell a funny story though. I was with my other mother Debbie and we were driving up to Grandma Cardon's house and Tim and his dad were out in the garden planting iris. They were both in work shirts, overalls and knee-high rubber boots! Tim only had one strap hooked on his to make the overalls longer. I was laughing so hard! I tried to take a picture, but after the last Kohl's picture I posted he bolted in the house and locked himself in the bathroom, so sorry world! He is being selfish I know! You missed out on at least 10 mins. of laughter!

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Chantelle and Fam said...

I actually got to see him like that before I left to go WAS pretty great. ;)