Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorable Memorial

We went golfing at Summit Creek in Smithfield, nice view! It was raining and cold, but totally worth it! Then....

We decided to get the whole freakin neighborhood stuck in our backyard! Travis brought up his roadbike that he could only load by backing up into my parents ditch, but it had filled with water. So he got stuck. Then my dad got stuck. Then the tractor got stuck. WHAT? My uncle Karl was doing circles around them in his Subaru, but sadly could not help. My aunt Denise kept saying "No woman would ever get in this situation!" Amen to that Denise! Ha!

They eventually had to bring in the big guns... The dual wheel tractor with four wheel drive. Whoops! Thanks Brent!

Sad to say my parents back yard is completely torn up. It made my stomach hurt to watch! Oh well, nothing that can't be fixed! Good luck with that one dad!

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Deanna said...

Bwahahaha!!!!! That's hilariously sad, yet funny...Your mom's poor yard!!!!