Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 It all started with this circle farm foam puzzle...the love of her life.  She couldn't get enough of this thing.  She would drag it around from room to room.
 Then she found these lovelies with my school stuff.  I bought these at Alco in Dillon MT while visiting Nick and Ashley's Grandma and Grandpa because I was taking boards in a couple of months and was going to use them to study.  I didn't want Isla to play with them because I thought, what's the point? She'll never figure it out! Well long story short she conquered "The Encephalon" and has now just finished "The Digestive System"!! Holy Moly kids are smarter than we think they are!


The Bucks said...

She is a genius!

Elena said...

I've always said that she reminds me so much of my Alyssa with her darling little moon face, and now even more with puzzles! It's a sure sign of "geniusness". :)

Daryl and Ashley said...

My husband said that he waited on you and your husband the other night! He told me to tell you thanks so much for the tip, it made his night! Whenever you go in there on the weekend just ask to have him as your server and he will take good care of you!! I was jealous he saw you and I didn't!