Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grant Wayne Cardon

Introducing Grant Wayne Cardon!!! He came at about 11:47 on March 28th, I totally thought he would be born on the 29th, but came about 10mins too early! Enjoy the cute pictures taken by my awesome friend Catie Pilkington, but keep one eye closed when you look at pics of me. I do not have any make-up or hair done, not sure if I had even showered yet! Haha. I didn't expect to be in any pictures, but I love how cute Grant is in some of them, so I posted them. 

So my birth story is kinda funny. I went in to get monitored, because I was a bit over-due according to the last ultrasound.  Every time I had a contraction he had a little stress so they asked if I just wanted to have the ok! Normally I like to have everything go naturally but I was so sick of being pregnant, and the baby was uncomfortable, so I thought, what the heck!
The last time I had an epidural it took like 20mins for them to get it in, because I had "scoliosis" really? Anyhoo it was a bit traumatic, but it ended up working just fine, until they turned it off so I could push, but that's a different story for a different day. So I was nervous about getting the epidural again. The Dr calmed my fears told me everything would be great. So he put it in and I felt a shock all the way down my leg, and it freaked me out, and I almost passed out and vomitted. Then my heart-rate dropped, and they couldn't get it up so they put me on O2 and gave me shots and told me to never rule out a C-Section, because the baby wasn't liking this either.
After a couple hours I was feeling better, but my whole left side was so numb I couldn't even feel my leg, but my right side wasn't numb at all. They kept having me roll from side to side, but nothing was working and the thought of him messing with my epidural was too much. I'll just deal with it!
Then the real pain started! I could feel every contraction from the middle of my stomach down, and it was getting worse and worse. What was happening? Turns out when Grant dropped he was face up so the back of his giant head was pinching my nerve endings making the epidural ineffective.  Really? That can happen? With all the advancements in medicine that can happen? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! How you women give birth voluntarily without an epidural is beyond me.  I shook like crazy, holding onto the bed rails, and cried every time a contraction came.  I kept saying "not another one, I can't handle another one!" And then it came anyway, and Tim held my hand while I shook and cried. Finally, I could feel him coming out, but my Dr was no where to be seen. They told me not to push, but he was coming out anyway, and pushing felt so so so good! My body wanted him OUT! Dr. Cannon came in I pushed three times and he was out! Whew! I can't tell you how good I felt afterwards.  I was all pumped up on adrenaline. It was crazy! I loved life for about 2 hours, then the medicine that had pooled in my back went through my veins and I threw up and threw up and then fell asleep for like 3 hours and COULD NOT wake up! Haha
So in the end I told Tim no more kids. The pregnancies are too hard and the labors are too traumatic.  The next day I knew there was one more.  Dang it! Hopefully the next one will be a little easier on me, and I'm waiting a year before I even try unless the Lord has other plans for me.  I need a breather!
On a positive note, Grant is a good baby.  He had acid reflux, but is almost 2 months and is already growing out of it and doing better. I can't get enough of him. He is so sweet. I love babies! Isla is doing much better too. I told Tim after I had Grant I felt like my life got a huge drink of water.  I just needed him.  Life is better with him here.


Jones Family said...

You are such a trooper! What an incredible story. Yuk for the epidural, though. No good if it doesn't work! Grant is sweeter than pie and I'm looking forward to snuggling him for a little bit very soon. You are beautiful...enjoy your wonderful family.

Jon and Melissa said...

Wow! He is the most handsome little man I have ever seen. Did you put a little hair product in and cut a little here a little there before the photo shoot???? So so cute. Sorry about the trauma. You poor poor thing, with a little time...You have beautiful children.

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

Haha, this scares me so much and makes me so excited at the same time?? haha you are super mom stace, and i totally miss you guys!! your little guy is TO.DIE.FOR and I have a feeling him and my babe are gonna be lovers!!

mel said...

So glad he made it and so did you. Giving birth is always scary because you never know what's going to happen.

stevie kay said...

So sorry about the traumatic birth. I had Harry natural on accident and it was no bueno! You're such a good mom, Stacey! Isla and Grant are so lucky.

Kari & David said...

I have decided that as long as labor is only "hard" for about 3 hours I can do it without an epidural but the women who do 30 hours of labor med free at home are NUTS! So glad you posted pictures he is the epitome of chubby round cuteness!! Also you look great in your pictures so don't stress :)