Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Valentine-tree

I found a way to decorate for Valentine's Day, ease the pain of getting rid of my Christmas tree, and save money...A Valentine Tree!!!! This is probably not new to any of you, but I was proud of myself, because I am not that crafty. I made the hearts from fabric I had laying around, and shoved some pink and red netting here and there, and recylced some cute boxes I had gotten a couple of holiday's ago, for the presents!


The Bucks said...

Never say that you are not crafty! I don't know anyone else that can do the things that you can with fabric!

Benson's said...

You are like the craftiest person I know!! That is seriously so cute. I couldn't stop laughing about the lobster cat outfit. ha ha I am still laughing about it:)

Ben and Kim said...

Dad and I were trying to get mom to leave their huge 17 ft tree up in the living room...We tried the Valentine Tree angle...but it was no use. What a mess that was! Maybe next year.