Monday, February 23, 2009

I ran away!

I had a stressful week, so instead of deal with my problems, I did what I do best- I ran away! I went to Logan to hang out with Chelsea. Then I went out to eat with my parents at Callaway's with Chelsea and her boyfriend Colby. We had a good time. I miss living in Logan sometimes. It's fun to be able to see your family (or not) whenever you want. I definately think the restaurants are better there too. All we have are chains, and they get old real fast! Here are some pictures that go along with my tiny adventure across the border. Ha!


cLaRk FaMiLy said...

How was Lewiston? I can believe how old Chelsea is. Looks like lots of fun.

The Bucks said...

I wish I could have fled across the border with you. Next time, pick me up on the way. Okay, I know it's not on the way, but I thought I'd try.