Sunday, April 5, 2009

Taylor Andrew's Hair Show

A couple of us from school went down to Salt Lake to watch the Taylor Andrew's hair show. It was pretty amazing! We are putting on our first annual Austin Kade Academy hair show this tuesday, April 7th. Tickets are only $10, and all proceeds go to the Idaho Falls Haven House. If anyone is interested it is at the Civic Auditorium at 7:00! The pictures from the show are a little crazy because they were taken from my cellphone, but here they are!


mel said...

What in the world are these HAIR SHOWS? I think you were mistaking and went to a crazy rave or something. You better be careful where you are going down in the big city! You know what they say about people with crazy hair.

The Bucks said...

I had no idea that hair could do that. I wish I had known sooner, because I would for sure have been sporting one of those dos every day! I heard about your show on the radio and I am so sad that I don't live there anymore. We might be coming to Shelley next week to do some work on the house. If I have time, I will give you a call, if I don't, please don't be offended.

Daryl and Ashley said...

Do people actually wear their hair like that! I think that those do's would give me a headache.