Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tim and Stacey's High Adventure Week

Tim took me down around Price for my gradutation present. We had the best time ever, as the following posts will explain. It includes, guns, flash floods, & thunderstorms! Who could ask for more? We shot Tim's 357 behind a hill across from his house. I am NOT used to a handgun! We shot 38 specials, so it didn't kick hardly at all, but I could not hit a target to save my life! I definately need more practice.


Benson's said...

Wow your adventures look awesome:) I want to go to all those fun places. No I didn't cut my hair same boring hair! The brother you are thinking about is Kado. This one was a Sophomore when we were Seniors back in the day:) Yes we will be in Cache Valley for the 4th are you going to be there then? If so, let's plan to get together then!!! FUN!!! Let me know:)

Kari Christiansen said...

Wow you guys are having all kinds of too much fun! You look good with a gun. They are so fun to shoot.

Ben and Kim said...

Sooo fun. I keep swearing we will take the kids to Goblin Valley, I know they will love it! I've seen thunderstorms down there like no where else. Congrats again on graduating and happy (late) anniversary!

p.s. you SHOULD hop in the car and drive down here, I miss you too!
love ya :)

mel said...

Annie get your gun! That picture is awesome. Just don't tell anyone your a bad shot because that pictures makes you look all business. Maybe it's the hat!