Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wild Horse Canyon

So, I had no idea this was a slot canyon! Coolest thing ever! Some drawbacks though: if you are claustrophoic, larger-sized, and don't like wading through muddy water, probably not for you! Guess what! I am 3 0f 3! Nah, I was just claustrophic because there were flash floods all week, and you could still see the water line (well above my head) and it was stormy and rainy when we went. I asked Tim what would happen if you got caught in a flash flood there- turns out you would die. Ok! Well, when the hikers that we ahead of us turned around because they were worried about a flash flood, I pretty much ran the rest of the way back! Here are the pictures, I want to go back soooo bad (when the weather is better!)

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The Bucks said...

That looks so cool, minus the flood threat.