Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

                        The cute little calf I bought at the fair! Ha! She LOVED her costume, because loves cows!
                                                               She mooed all night long!

I wish I could say this was Tim's halloween costume!  He said he wanted to be warm this winter, since he'll be working outside.  What a bum! Literally.  For some reason I still love him...A lot!

                       My neighbor Jamie is this Marilyn Monroe-ish lady who is single and from California.  She told Tim when we moved in that she loved Halloween. Yep, she sure does!  I about died laughing when I came home one day and her yard was like this!  I totally didn't see it coming!! Happy Halloween!


Katie Jane said...

That is the cutest little cow I have ever seen! I love that she mooed all night. You leave me the nicest comments on my blog...you haven't changed a bit. You are still a sweetheart.

The Bucks said...

She is the cutest cow I have ever seen! Please let me know next time you are in town, I would love to go to lunch.

Deanna said...

She's the cutest little calf I ever did see!!!

And Ryan has a beard, too. LOL! ROFL!!!!! Only he had to shave it off to meet with our family and a general authority this past weekend....he'll probably grow it back...love it!

Maria said...

She looks so cute! And Tim... wow. :)


What a little ham and so so cute! So glad to visit with you for a minute! LOVE MY HAIR!!!! Thanks:)