Sunday, November 20, 2011

The joys of motherhood

In my world of blogging I like to write about the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Today you're going to get a little from each category!
So to preface, I have to tell you that Isla has been getting her "eye" teeth that right? Anyhoo, it's been about 2 months of screaming at me everytime I leave the room or try and go to the bathroom, and I'm not allowed to shower! Ha! She is super sensitive and needy anyway and this has intensified since teething. We have our good days and bad days.  Well, this day I was pushed to the limit, so I decided to just get in the tub and she could yell at me all she wanted.  I got in and she waddled to her room and played all by herself.  I was amazed! I enjoyed that soak! I got out to find that she had gotten in her garbage pail and opened up her diapers all over her room! AHH! As I was cleaning that up she went into the bathroom and unrolled the toliet paper. AHH! So I got that cleaned up. Then I noticed a wet spot every time she sat down...she exploded up to her armpits and I was once again going to have to mop up her room and get her in the tub! AHH!  So we got that cleaned up, and I went downstairs to put her poopy clothes in the wash, and Morgan aka Devil Cat had tipped over some fabric Christmas trees I just finished for my mom that were made using spilt peas...yep! Peas all over the carpet and one broken Christmas tree! When I saw that I really didn't know if I should laugh or cry! I sat on the floor while Isla screamed at the top of the stairs and thought, "I must need some refining!"  I needed more patience, love and understanding.  Isla didn't feel well, and it's not her fault.  I can spare a little more time each day holding her and reading to her. My house doesn't have to share hospital grade cleanliness every day, and the Lord can help whenever I ASK.  So, now with the help of the Lord, I'm trying to have more charity towards my FAMILY!! I had been praying for charity, but forgetting it matters most within the walls of my own home. I love being a mommy.  I love seeing Isla's little face each morning and kissing her soft cheeks.  I love how she dances to anything with a beat, and how she is constantly trying to do whatever Tim and I are doing.  I would be lost without my little Isla, and for sure without the help of the Lord, and my Tim! I love them all!  


Ashley said...

Sounds like quite the day! So fun. :)If you ever need a girls night after one of those days give me a call!! I would love to do dinner and a movie now that we're practically neighbors again. :)

mel said...

Days like that suck! I sure need to have more charity towards my family. It's always nice when your 3 year old asks you to not be so frustrated with him! NICE>

The Bucks said...

You are so inspiring! I would have cried and screamed and threw a huge tantrum. Thanks for reminding me to ask for help trying to be a better mom.

That picture is the cutest, ever!!