Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The fringes of my life...more depth to come

This was me...face down on the ground! I had a loonnngg stressful crazy winter.  Not that we are out of the winter, but the craziness has definitely calmed down, and the fact that "The Bachelor" is on has helped out a ton too! Haha! We moved down the block into a better situation financially, floor plan-wise, and now we have heat and less dead animals! You can fill in the blanks, in short we are BLESSED!!
Now you get to view photos from my phone, because I lost the expensive camera Tim got for me in the move! Yikes! Nobody tell him! I WILL find it! We got family pictures done in Price last summer, and here is a sample.  I plan on getting another good family picture after baby brother is born.  P.S. I'm due in a month and (I know I say this way too often) but I seriously am huge right now.  Every time I bend over I feel like my stomach is going to split open! The ultra-sound tech told us he was going to either come early or be gigantic!
So how do you lose weight when you are 8 months pregnant? I think you try and count calories, but give up after 2 days, and you try and exercise, but it physically wipes you out, so you find funny things on-line and read them and laugh while eating oreos. Yep! I know that sounds crazy, but my beautiful, talented, hilarious sister just announced that she is getting married!!! YEA!! Oh, wait... it's one month after the baby is born and I will look like a puffer-fish. EHHH. I gave up on looking good for pics already.  How selfish am I to care what I look like? I am seriously beyond happy for Chelsea and cannot WAIT for her big day!! We all love Dillon (her future hubby) especially Isla! She is in love with Dillon.  It's no secret he's easy on the eyes, and Isla knows a handsome prince when she sees one!

Introducing.....The RING! Don't you love it?
So to end the randomness, I really will try and be a more faithful blogger.  I love to blog, but time has not been my friend. Please be patient with me, and excuse my bad grammar and we will get through this together!!


Katie Jane said...

I like you oh, so much.

Kari & David said...

He's either going to come early or be gigantic? What kind of reassurance is that!? Haha well I hope for your sake he comes early. If it makes you feel any better one of my friends here in Ohio started measuring 4 weeks ahead (scary!!) around 30 weeks on and her baby was born 2 ish weeks early. Good luck, and your family picture is beautiful!

Jessica Pless said...

You are adorable and I love reading your blog! Also, Chelsea is engaged?!? Yay!!!