Sunday, December 9, 2012

Updates galore!!

I seriously have been the WORST about blogging, and I promised I would be better, so bear with me, and enjoy the updates:
First, we all found out on Thanksgiving that I have a boy turkey in my oven! So fun! I can't look at this pic very long though, or I want to just eat cake...lots and lots of cake! 

Next, I bought baby boy clothes! Haha! I had to! I got scared because I have nothing for a boy! He's going to have to be cool in a pink bouncy chair though, just sayin'. 
So I seriously thought I had short hair in this pic, but I knew I wanted something shorter soooo..
 I cut it all off and then took a picture of me that looks like I haven't slept in days! I should probably put some make-up on the next time I take pictures too! Yikes. Seriously though, I am so so so tired all the time. I was never tired with Isla, but I also wasn't trying to take care of an "Isla", so maybe that has something to do with it. Plus my hips hurt so bad I feel like my legs are going to snap right off!  That and constantly having to potty makes it hard to sleep at night.

This is Isla and her grandpa...whom she adores.  They always have fun together, and I just happen to have some very lovely pictures of their adventures together. 

Isla went and saw the lights at Temple Square, and has asked to see the light every night since, so we went to Centerville to a little park with tons of lights and ran and ran.  Then we came to a cute little bakery with red noses and had cookies, doughnuts and hot cocoa.  What a fun night! 

Last: My bump! I feel just huge! This is a nice little pic of me with all black and being back-lit by the Christmas tree.  I felt like it shaved at least twenty pounds off of me! Haha. I'm definitely bigger this time around. Oh well! I can't believe I have 3 more months to go.  It seems so long, yet so so short! I bet I double in size by then too.  Don't worry, I'll post more pics if I do.  I think it's kinda fun to see how big I can get, I'll cry about it later! :)


Kari & David said...

Oh my gosh! Your baby bump is seriously like a perfect little circle I am so jealous, you look so cute! Congrats on having a boy they are fun :)

mel said...

Yea for baby boys! I love mine so much even if I get punched, body slammed and here lots of potty talk each day. That's what makes their sweet kisses and comments on how pretty their mommy is even better. You look great and pregnancy is rough on our little bodies but thank goodness we all know it comes to an end!

Jessica Pless said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Yay for boys! And I love those pictures of your little girl and your dad. Adorable!

Dimick's said...

Just checkin' in on you. I love your hair cut. You know I'm a fan of short, so good job! I've been thinking about you guys. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas.
Those pictures of Isla with your dad are so sweet.
I miss you!
Have a wonderful night!!!