Saturday, October 20, 2012

Isla Buck-a-roo

I'm excited to blog about our latest experience with Isla, because boy has she been rough! We think she might be having nightmares at night, and having it be Halloween and all sure doesn't help! She was constantly waking up at night and never napping, and in turn was tired and ornery and threw tantrums every second. After many prayers, and changes to her bedtime and routine, we are making progress!! She only wakes up in the night once or twice a week, and she only skips a nap about the same! WHEW! I wasn't sure how I was going to get up with a toddler and a newborn! is the reward of being a parent: watching your child rock at riding a horse and being so brave at the wee age of 2!! I was shocked she got on, (she's afraid of everything) and then she grabbed hold of the horn and rode like she owned the place! Haha! It seriously made my insides sing.  It was so cute, and she was in HEAVEN!! 

 Tim cropped these pictures because he was in them and didn't want to be! What a stinker! I was so mad!

Tender mercy #2:  I had a super rough day a couple of weeks ago, with Isla not sleeping, and throwing tantrums, and I had to organize the Primary program and was in charge of sharing time all month, and Tim was working all weekend.  I had completely fallen apart that day.  Then my sister Chelsea called to check up  on me and gave me words of encouragement, and after fighting Isla to take a nap and just wanting to cry, Travis (my brother who lives in Roosevelt) showed up at my door! He took us out (I was seriously in sweatpants, with hair undone and no make-up) for ice cream and then we went up to the Bountiful Temple to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and amazing view. He saved me that day. What great siblings I have!!

 I just think this is funny: we have ANTS like crazy. We cannot get rid of them! It's an epidemic here in Bountiful.  Well there are always a few in the bathroom, and Morgan kitty will NOT come in the bathroom if she sees them crawling around on the floor! Haha! What a stinky kitty I have.

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Kat said...

So we also had ant problems! Sprinkle cinnamon around your baseboards and then vacuum it up and they will be gone! Amazing! be careful though since sprinkling too much will stain the carpet... Also WHEN ARE YOU DUE!!! SO excited for you!